Portage Michigan Photographer: Style Encore Saved Me!!

Let me just say that Madeline at Style Encore on Westnedge in Portage saved me last month!!  When other shops had pulled out of our 'Up Late for MADD & Fashion' show just three weeks before showtime, Madeline stepped up with enthusiasm and let us borrow 24 full outfits, right down to the coordinated shoes and statement necklaces!

The entire staff at Style Encore was so professional and eager to help (they even let us come in after hours to have our models fitted for the show!), that it became my mission and my pleasure to be the first in line for their grand opening on Thursday, May 28th - just two days after our show!  That day I was able to scoop up two coveted pieces for my 15 year old.  She had worn them in the show and fell in love!

This week I went back to Style Encore to shop for myself!  There were so many amazing choices, that I decided to dig in and try on everything that might fit!  I was finding myself stuck between sizes from my own closet, and I really needed an entire summer wardrobe.    THREE HOURS later, I had one!!!  And, I spent less than it would have cost to buy just one outfit at full price from many designer labels!

Truly, Style Encore, you saved me again!  Checkout my much needed new wardrobe in my own little summer fashion show below, and definitely checkout the amazing value and selection at Style Encore!!!