Portage Michigan Family Photographer: Sweet Miss Maggie

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Maggie and her family in Portage.  She is a beautiful speckled Great Dane with pink toenails that match her sparkled collar.  She happily followed me into the yard and posed with her human brother and sister, eyes all the while on Mom - who was never far away.  She quickly adopted a squeeky toy that I had brought to catch her attention, and rolled right into the floral bed with it!  

I especially loved her paws crossed shots, which Mom said is her signature laying position.  We even got a few 'smiles' toward the end of the shoot.  You can tell because the light dot on her lower lip is showing :-)  I will never forget the few moments I spent with  sweet Miss Maggie and her family!   Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day!