Portage Michigan Senior Pictures: Break free

Four of my Angelworks Senior Models came together last month to tell a story for the September feature challenge via WeAreTheSeen.com, and...

We Won a Feature!!

Our challenge was to use repetition or patterns in our backgrounds.  We took it a step further, and told a story of breaking free from the repetition and pre-set patterns we can find ourselves in.

We told a story of four high-schoolers breaking free to become a novelist, a free spirit, a dancer and a coffee shop connoisseur.

You can checkout the feature here:


And the full set of images below!  Congratulations Sophia, Michelle, Grace & Cassidy!


Class of 2018, it isn't too early to talk about how we can tell your story!  My Class of 2018 Senior Model Team will be forming in January.  Contact me now to learn more!