Portage Michigan Photographer: Junior Fashion Couture!

It finally came together!  After months of planning and weeks of late nights, my indispensable helpers and I finally got my first event in my new studio - my Junior Fashion Couture Event - into the record books!  33 Models, 10 stylists, 5 guest teen photographers, and three teen videographers - plus their amazing teacher; Mr. Smith (Smitty) came together to make magic this weekend!  Models were dressed, styled and photographed in couture outfits - which basically means the outfits were customized just for them:) 

Sylists curled, crimped, clipped and makeuped (is that a word?) their way through the day.  Teen photographers posed and snapped to their heart's content.  And the video team followed everyone around capturing the entire day!

We had lace and feathers everywhere by the time it was done, and I'm pretty sure that everyone needed naps afterward too (I know I did!).   All-in-all, it was a huge success!  And I could not have pulled it off without everyone who showed up on time and did their job with a great big Smile!  

So, I want to give a well deserved Thank you to all of my helpers:  Lisa, Shannon, Kelly & Karen & my hubby Scott who ran our kiddos around all day and brought us lunch; and all of my stylists: Charlie, Karen, Alexis, Lauren, Tomi, Lyndsee, Lindsay, Ashley, Kelly & special thanks to Janet from Mary Kay for providing all of the makeup for the event AND for going above and beyond the call of duty to help make the event a success!  And thank you to our teen photographers: Emily S., Allyson, Emily M., Sadie and Annie, and to our video team: Regan, Amber, Alex, and Smitty! 

I am amazed at the energy and passion that these young girls brought to this event, and at how contagious it was!  They continually renewed my creative energy that day and have inspired me to champion their stories over the next year (more to come on that:)  It was definitely THE event of the year so far!  I will be leaking pics and video as I work through all of the 'film' from the day=)  I can't wait to share, so check back often!

Shine Bright.Have Fun.Make Memories!