Portage Michigan Senior Photographer: Meet Model Allyson

Allyson and her family attend my church, and I photographed the whole family last fall, as well as her younger sister earlier this year!  Allyson was actually a guest photographer at my Junior Fashion Event back in February, and I have to say that I am so glad that she decided to be a part of my High School Senior model program this year as well!  She is obviously gorgeous! And I loved the opportunity to focus just on her for her model shoot!

Allyson's favorite color is blue (duh, she looks stunning in it:)  She says she loves to play tennis, and is interested in marine animals and in traveling around the world.    Three things she can't live without are Faith, family and friends, which sounds like a perfect combination to me!

Allyson's favorite music is anything country, and she says that her first crush was.....

a secret!!!

Thank you Allyson for being a part of my Class of 2017 Senior Model Team!  Let's make this a year to remember!!