Portage Michigan Photographer: Meet WLB Model Tommy!

I've known Tommy for quite some time - like since he was in elementary school!  And it still amazes me that he is only 13 years old!  Tommy loves backpacking, camping and learning about the world around him.  And I think he's done some serious camping - he describes his favorite place to be as a tent, on a mountain, listening to the rain!

I fell in love with his big fluffy dog Charlie the first time I met her, and I'm positive Tommy wouldn't choose any other pet.  He says he wants to keep her forever!  

Tommy says that he wants to know as much as he can about how to conserve the environment for future generations, and keep it at its natural best!  A noble pursuit, to be sure!

Thank you Tommy for being brave enough to be one of only two guy models on my team this year!