Portage Michigan Senior Pictures: Meet Catie T


Catie writes - "I love to play music both in my earbuds and with instruments constantly throughout the day. I enjoy doing all things artistic such as writing, painting and drawing, music, photography, and pretty much anything under the sun. I would love to learn how to take pictures professionally someday and maybe if I become a freelance journalist I can add pictures to my stories. The part in life that I love most of all is watching people do the things they love to do. Most of the time I get interested in their trade as well because I can see the passion they have for it. I pick up things very quickly and over the years I've compiled many different stories and abilities after meeting people and getting to know their trade. I love to entertain people and I have played the piano for people for years. This year I was in a quintet playing the oboe and we won at states! I'm also in marching band up front with the marimbas, xylophones, glock, and vibraphones (keyboard instruments). One of my favorite things is playing with language and learning new ones. Right now I am in my fourth year of Spanish and I have picked up a little bit of Korean and Japanese along the way."

Welcome to the team Catie!  I am so glad you'll be spending the next year with us!

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