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What my clients say:

I was very excited to have my Senior pictures done.  I really wanted to make mine unique and different from what everyone else was doing.  We had a family photographer for a long time, and I figured I would probably take photos with them.

I decided to choose Angelworks instead because Charity's pictures were absolutely gorgeous, and I thought it would be fun - I was right! Lol.  IT. WAS. SO. FUN!  We did so many different and unique things, which was exactly what I wanted.  And the ladies at Copper Ridge Salon and Spa who did my hair and makeup were fantastic!

When I saw my images for the first time, I was like SHAHALAMAHALA HOLY CRAP!  They looked absolutely stunning!  Even the jetski pictures looked flawless!  Charity is amazing to work with, and likes to hear what you have to say.

I felt really beautiful, and really - like myself!  - Grace