I want to be amazed by YOUR images.  Nothing feeds the creative spirit more than tossing ordinary to the wind, and I want to use my creative passion to inspire you with each and every session that I do.  My artist's brain is wired to think in terms of finished pieces and coordinated wall galleries designed to become focal points in your home decor.  I love seeing your images printed, framed, and displayed on mantles, desks, walls and in your stitched leather session album!  I believe that it would be a disservice for me to simply capture amazing images and send you away with nothing more than a shiny round cd - all too common in today's digital world.  I want to create works of art that are worthy of display, worthy of gushing compliments, and worthy of passing down to next generations!

I offer gift prints for $100, with collections starting at $399. The typical Angelworks Photography client invests an average of $600 in their custom artwork.