WELCOME!  Our patriotic shoot is scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday, June 21st from 11-2pm.  I had planned to paint the backdrop myself - which is already built, it just needs paint.  It is a 12 ft wide by 8 ft tall horizontal wood slat wall that we're painting as an American flag!!  

Because so many of you have told me that you are artistically inclined, I'm thinking I might make the shoot about the actual painting of the flag, as well as photos in front of it!  Our 'story' then would be about creating this piece of art, building friendships in the process, and then the finished product of our hard work!  We might even add sparklers, if I can get them to show up on camera during the brightest sun hours of the day :)

Anyway, I wanted to get your thoughts ahead of time.   I am thinking I would have those who want to help paint arrive at 11am, then anyone who wants to be in a group shot arrive by noon, then anyone who wants just individual shots should arrive by 1pm.  Of course, if your schedule for that day dictates a specific time, you would be photographed when you are able to be there - at whatever point in the story that happens to be.

I have the following models signed up:

Sage, Kayla, Sami, Cristina (after noon), Eva, Bayley, Mikayla K, Megan H (maybe), Taylor, Mikayla L, Grace M (for one hour?), Sunny, Rachel, Angel and Kate!

Please let me know if you are not already signed up above, and if you are attending, what you think about the following options:

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Attendance options
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Keep in mind that all models will be photographed by themselves in addition to any options selected below!
Time constraints
ie. I can attend the entire time from 11-2, or I can attend from noon to 1 only, etc.

Thanks for your input!!