A little about us…

We do not believe in following the crowd. We prefer to choose a path less traveled, shoot an uncommon angle, see beauty through a different lens.

We believe that everyone has God-given beauty and deserves to see themselves through His eyes. We create in order to positively empower others to rise above what the world says you should be, to discover your unique, beautiful purpose, and to help you tell your story.


My story

My husband, Scott and I are originally from Cadillac, Michigan. We both graduated from WMU in the mid-90's, and moved to Grand Rapids - where I accidentally found my calling as a photographer. After adding two kiddos to our family (Charlie the girl and Jarod our son), I gave up my IT job to open a portrait studio in my home, and took a part-time position in a photolab (back when we still shot film:)  It was there that I learned Photoshop, and it opened up a whole new (digital) world for me!

Just over 13 years ago, we settled back here in Portage (at 6 months pregnant for Allie - kiddo number 4, and with Sidney age 2 added to the mix), and I started right away building a new portrait client following.  I met my best friend and now Studio Manager that first year (Lisa was an Easter Session client), and I've been blessed to see HS Senior clients turn into wedding clients, and wedding clients turn into newborn and family clients.


Studio Manager / In charge of general shenanigans

MY story

Coming Soon!!


Best Friends, business partners, and nearly polar opposites!


Charity Lisa

Introvert Extrovert

Crunchy brownie Gooey brownie
edges middle

Loves power naps Naps interfere
to recharge with socializing

What we have in common

Our Faith

Our commitment to family

Our love for photography

Also, we both despise small forks - We would go on to say that , while we do agree that we hate small forks, we agree to disagree on the definition of a ‘small’ fork.