Portage Michigan Senior Pictures: Meet Angel


My family has known Angel since we moved to Portage over 11 years ago.  She is one of my oldest daughter's best friends, and she is nearly always smiling!  So, it was very sad for us to see her go through some stuff over the past couple of years, that I could tell were really hard for her.  She was busy, we were busy.  We didn't see as much of her at the Finstrom zoo as we once had.  But, as the literal seasons change, so do our seasons in life, and Angel, I just want you to know that we love you and we are very glad to be seeing you smiling again!  You are most definitely worth loving and beautiful (which is exactly what my WLB Teen model team is all about)!  Thank you for being our friend, and for waiting so long to see these gorgeous images from your WLB Teen model session (gulp) last Spring!