Portage Michigan Photographer: Bunnies & Chicks & Ducks, Oh My!

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It never fails!  Every year for the past 10 years, my kiddos get giddy with excitement when I bring home two squeaky boxes.  One box with three fluffy baby ducks, and one with three cotton ball sized baby chicks!  We get out the tanks and heating light, and little dishes for food and water, and decide how we're going to set them up somewhere comfy.  They each get a name - like trixter, flutter, quacker (of course!), and tiny.  My little girls can tell you all of their names and the stories behind them.    We take care to keep them hidden away from Sonic, our dog, and our two kitties Jules & Shawn.  And, we always make sure they have nice clean bedding, because those little ducks are like tiny wet tornadoes when they get water to play in!

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Around the same time, we always have two or three more visitors, sometimes fluffy, sometimes floppy, sometimes timid, but always curious.  These little ones come with names already - Ella, Cinnamon, Pepper and Lucy.  They come in giant grass filled kennels with special treats and instructions to handle them with love (thank you Lauren P. for lending us your babies each year!!).  

For two weeks out of the year, my littles get to cuddle and play with these baby bunnies and chicks and ducks!  And perhaps their favorite part of these Easter time visits is getting to show them off to other kiddos while 'herding' at my Easter Mini-Sessions each year!

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Easter is early this year, March 27th - only three weeks away.  And the bunnies and chicks and ducks are coming to our house today!!  I can't wait to meet them and learn their names, and continue this tradition with my kiddos for as long as they will share in the excitement!

We would love to introduce them to you and your kiddos!  I promise they will fall in love just like we do every year!!

Give me a call to come for a visit at the new studio starting tomorrow, Saturday, March 5th.  I have openings March 5th and 6th, and new spots open for next weekend, March 12 and 13th!

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